There have a lot of ways to master English if you find the traditional classroom not your best choice. The methods we mention below are very relaxing to compared with what you are learned from school.

1. Watching films – shows


Watching movie, TV show, series… is among the most effective way to improve your listening skill since it possesses visual factor for you to imagine the context of the movie or show. Try to watch for the first time without subtitles to guess the content and then for the next time accompanied by subtitles. By replaying many times, your listening skill will get better after each time. There are a lot of interesting series for you to practise as the beginners namely Friends, How I Met Your Mother, The Big Bang Theory, Once Upon A Time…

2. Reading – listening to english materials


Beside watching visual aids, reading english books, novels, news or listening to some materials like BBC, CNN, Ted Talks or radio contributes as a great way to enhance your comprehension as well as listening skill. Try to read as much as possible with variety of fields to approach many styles of writing. With the development of technology, you can also read online materials easily and you can check the meaning of new words just by clicking the word itself.

3. Listening to english songs and singing


Very relaxing idea. You can still improve your listening skill when enjoying your favourite English songs. Listening several times without lyrics and then with lyrics to check your ability to listen. Remember to sing along that your pronunciation skill will  be improved as well. We suggest that you use some apps or webs that check your listening skill by playing the music and accquire you to fill in the blank gap with various levels.

4. Using flashcards


Flashcard has become popular with learners recently. It is a small piece of paper with one side is vocabulary, or together with example and transcription, and the other side is the meaning of the word. Illustrations can be added to make the cards more vividly and make it easier to imagine. With a pack of flashcard rung together, you can learn English almost everywhere and everytime that seems quite convenient. Flashcard can be used for studying vocabulary, grammer…

5. Playing english games


Playing game appears to be one of the most relaxing ways to improve English.

6. “Hunting” foreigners and chatting with them


Have you ever had your chance to talk with foreigners? Especially the english speaking countries. If not, you should try to “hunt” them. They often appears at some tourist destinations. Don’t be shy to approach and start the conversation with them. Talking with foreigners is the chance for you to practise speaking as well as listen to them as well as how to respond flexibly. It will also be a great factual experience as you can notice their expression, pronunciation and intonation for reference.

7. Practising english with friends in daily conversations

kids talking col - TRF

If you find it hard to find a foreign partner, you can practise with your classmate. It is also effective if you try to practise with each other regularly.

8. Talking to yourself in front of the mirror


Even when you do’nt have any partner, speak to yourself! Stand in front of the mirror, suppose you are talking to another one in the mirror. By watching yourself, you even can make it better since you see your weaknesses and improve them.

9. Training your thought in english


It seems very hard as you have to change your habit of thinking in your mother tongue language that you cannot do it immediately. Be patient and get used to it. Every thought in your mind even what you will eat tonight, what you are feeling now, how you think about what is happening… you have to automatically translate into English.

10. Preparing yourself to any english contests or interviews


It is very important that you can have a chance to practise to write a good CV, and experience the feeling of speaking in front of the interviewers, or speaking in front of many people. The result is not important here. The most important thing is, you improve your skills, you can draw a lesson after each mistake you made that you can gradually master your english and gain a lot of experiences to be confidently take part in your passionate contests and make interviews for your dream jobs in the future.

11. Joining english clubs

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There are many famous english clubs that you can join to improve your ability. Not just studying, it’s the best chance for your to make friends with a lot of people, to confidently speak in public and take part in many useful group’s games. Your improvement in English as well as your confidence gained after joining clubs will help you a lot for your presentation skill.

12. Set everything in english


Sticking pieces of paper to any objects in your place, changing the setting of your social media, mobile phone… into english… are also interesting options.

To improve your english, the decisive factor is that you have to turn your environment into an English world. Theory cannot help you to master english, but “practise makes perfect”. The above interesting methods of learning are only the sufficient condition. The necessary condition is your “attitude” to English learning.